Travis Stom

Software & Web Developer

Originally from Punxsutawney, PA, I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

During college I served two deployments to Iraq as an infantryman with the United States Army.

Following college, I moved to Chicago where I worked for seven years as a software engineer.

Technologies & Skills

  • Back-end development with Java, Clojure, and Spring Framework
  • Front-end development with JavaScript / TypeScript using Angular2, jQuery, and Dojo
  • Database management with JPA, Hibernate, SQL, and MongoDB
  • Responsive web development with HTML and CSS (Less, SCSS)
  • Version control with GIT and Subversion
  • Web servers with Tomcat and Apache
  • Custom analytics with Google and Omniture
  • UI and UX design with Photoshop and rapid-prototyping

Work Experience

Vodori, Inc.

Senior Engineer | September 2010 - Present
  • Developed software web applications using both front-end and back-end technologies
  • Recruited to the product team to help build, from scratch, a custom promotional review system with Clojure and Angluar2
  • Built and maintained secure portals and web applications on top of an in-house CMS with Java and Spring
  • Worked in an Agile and Scrum development cycle to meet stakeholder business interests
  • Blueprinted with project owners to establish requirements and provide estimates
  • Trusted to work directly with clients to provide technical assitstance
  • Lead developer and team participant on Fortune 100 web site application development


Web Developer | September 2010 - Present

United States Army

Infantryman | April 2003 - November 2009
  • Honorably discharged from the Pennsylvania Army National Guard
  • Received the Combat Infantryman's Badge
  • Recruited to a small sniper unit and attended marksman school
  • Deployed with A Co. 1/110 INF from January 2005 - July 2006 to Camp Habbaniyah, Iraq
  • Conducted tactical operations as an infantryman team leader
  • Deployed with HHC 1/111 INF from September 2008 - November 2009 to Camp Taji, Iraq
  • Head operator of the Command Post of the Future (CPOF) computer system
  • Responsible for tracking real-time activity throughout entire batallion sector


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor's of Science | May 2010
  • Major QPA 3.79/4.0 — Total QPA 3.74/4.0
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Applied Statistics


  • Playing basketball and guitar and golf and pool and drawing and stuff